Some word about Gyula, the 800 years old town of spas

Gyula is situated in Eastern Hungary, near the romanian border 200 km far from budapest. Gyula was founded in the 13th century by the hungarians. In the 15th century the town became the center of the surrounding lordship. In that time a castle was built here. There were no quarry in the vicinity so this castle was completely built of brick, and inspite of the numerous wars of that ages, the citadell remained intact. Now this is the only citadel of the type remaind intact in central europe. Nowadays a museum waits for the visitors with different exhibitions all the year.

Between the mid 16th  and the late 17th century Gyula was ruled by the turkish. There are buildings left by these times. After the turkish were wiped out from the country, the town was resettled by people from three nations: german, hungarian, and romanian. During the sightseeing you can easily recognise the differences in building style.

The bath of Gyula is situated in the beautiful park of the Almássy mansion and is part of a nature reserve area. In the late 60’s thermal water was found under Gyula. The water comes from more than 2000 metres deep, and is about 72 degrees hot. Gyula is famous for its spa which was reconstructed a few years ago, and for its health-tourism. Year by year more than 750.000 content guests leave the castle-bath of the town. For more information visit

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